What our clients say

"We have never understood our business as well as this"
Director, Korten Limited
"The most valuable resource in the business"
Managing Director, Exhibition Design and Build
"A skilled agent of change in a very difficult environment"
Finance Director, VFG Hire Limited
"One of my best introductions. This is how the banking relationship should work"
Relationship Director, Lloyds Banking Group
"So refreshing to work with someone who choose to address the difficult issues in our business - and then actively help me resolve them"
Managing Director
"PiP eliminate the exaggerated highs and lows that so often characterised our business. They don't panic when times are tough, or celebrate too early when things look good"
Owner Managing Director
"An incrediby valuable process. Our business health-check has provided us with new ideas that we can really make happen"
Managing Director, Toys and Games speaking of a 1 week business review
"Our business is simply more focussed, and as a result much more succesful"
Franchise Manager, Car Dealership
"I get more value from 2 days a week than I have previoulsy got from any full time General Manager"
Owner Director
"An exceptional piece of work that played a significant role in engaging early adopter clients, building the investment case and getting the business off the ground quickly"
Managing Director, On-Line Recruitment